Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Stuff...

Today EK and Max woke with big smiles to see each other. I have to say, EK has surprised me with her big sister skills- she has been great! Max really enjoys his walker and EK discovered a way to enjoy it as well. Can you believe Max could pull her around on the back?


When Max went down for a nap, EK wanted to work on making words. Have you seen the Fridge Words™ Magnetic Word Builder at Walmart or Target? Really great toy! First of all... have you heard of the Leapfrog video The Letter Factory??? Lynn told me about it and EK LOVES it. She learned all her letters and sounds in about a week when she was three. Now at four, she is very ready to read. She sounds out short words pretty quickly so today she wanted to make words. I took a little spiral notebook and wrote words for her to make. She really did a great job!


PS. EK lives in a swimsuit all summer. If she swims and gets one wet, she puts on another. Sure saves me time when doing laundry!!! :)


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  1. Jacob and Chloe learned their sounds and letters from those dvd's too. LOVE them, I am attempting Caitlyn now, I am not sure she is quite ready but we are trying.
    Watching them in the car mainly.
    I have a swimsuit girl too!
    EK is going to miss Max!