Friday, May 29, 2009

A Little Green Thumb

Yesterday I needed to run to the grocery store so Savannah said she would take care of EK. EK asked if I would bring her a surprise. While shopping, I found a really cheap flower pot and soil so I decided to get it for her. Have you seen those cute tiny pots in the $1 aisle at Target? We had bought five of them but had not planted them. While unloading the groceries, I had EK decorate her pot with sharpies and then we went out to plant. She LOVED it. We made stick signs to remember where each thing was planted. We watered them and now she wants to look constantly to see if they are popping out of the ground. She says it taking too long! :)






A great science project for the day.

And... funny story... EK found a caterpillar out by the pool Monday and put it in her cricket box. She put leaves in there and wanted it to sleep in the house for one night. I thought- what can it hurt? Well, it was making quite the commotion when I went to bed and what do you think we found the next morning??? A chrysalis... EK was not happy. She cried because she was going to miss her caterpillar. She remembered from reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar that he would turn into a butterfly. That made her feel better although she was quite nervous that it would come out and start to fly around the house. We helped her see the top was on tight and we would take him out as soon as he nibbled out. Again... she says it is taking way too long. I guess in both situations, she is learning a little patience.


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  1. Wow, TWO great projects! We should copy your plant idea. Olivia checks the boys' strawberry plants every day.

    p.s. On my last comment the word verification was "Scott". Cool!