Thursday, May 14, 2009

EllaKate Loves to Imagine...

So many times, EK has pulled her blocks out to build a castle only to get frustrated and quit. Today she sat and built this sweet little castle with no breakdowns! Major breakthrough for her. She was so proud and wanted me to see it right away. I made the biggest deal about how wonderful it was and how diligently she worked. You should have seen her smile. I shot a pic when she went down for nap.

And look at this awesome table Marcia brought for EK to put her barns and trains on! She LOVES it and went straight there this morning to 'feed' her horses :). Thanks Sissy!!!



  1. Oh my, if I had to build a castle that intricate I would get frustrated too! :) She did a great job!


  2. That REALLY looks like a castle...way to go EK! And I can tell Max and EK would get along great with that train table. Love how she has the "girl" trains - Molly and Rosie! :)