Friday, May 8, 2009

EK's Story...

Lots of mornings, Scott leaves all of us girls a sweet note and sticks them where we will see them. It thrills EK so much when she gets one and she has become addicted to sticky notes. This morning she asked for her Rainbow Roll and began drawing a story on one of her pads. I just had to show it to you. I have told her her story so many times through the images we have so she drew one of the pictures we have.

Here is the image she was drawing... last time she saw this image was EK Day.
She is on the left in the green jacket.

This is what she drew...

This is what she said..
"This is me in China. This is me and that big head is my nannie. These are all the babies around me. This was very hard but I did it. I couldn't draw the 'carseats'. " She really meant walkers.

How powerful are images and the stories behind them. I am awed by what she takes in and understands. How amazing that she can verbalize her story and draw it too. She said I could keep her story- I will cherish it forever!!!



  1. Okay, I'm crying. That is very moving.


  2. Wow. It really amazing how much she "gets" and how much she is willing to share!

  3. So sweet! My husband does the note thing too!! Sweet daddies!!!