Tuesday, April 21, 2009

EK & O

** Update:**
As you know Amelia has had mono. Last week EK was running a fever and had a slight sore throat. I was in Athens and decided to run her on to the pediatrician for a look. They tested for strep and drew blood for mono test... we found out yesterday, she is positive for mono. Now we wait for Rosie- wonder if she will get it??? That would be 4 for 4.

The bad thing is... when we ate lunch with Lynn & O, EK double dipped into the salsa... uh oh... now the three of us have been exposed. Praying we all stay

EK and Olivia.com-2 - Copy-2
taken with Iphone

Today EK and I met Lynn & O for a little shopping and lunch. We had a ball and the girls loved being together... they say they are best friends. Lynn and I are amazed how well they interact and love playing together.



  1. Oh no, that just stinks! I guess it affects kids her age differently though, right? Crazy!

  2. We had a blast too! That double dippin will get you every time! LOL