Tuesday, April 7, 2009

EK is 4 Years Old!

Where does time go? It seems just yesterday we stepped off that plane in Atlanta 3 years ago on Ella's first birthday and then again, it seems forever that I have had her. I could never have imagined how much she would change in the last 3 years. She is amazingly smart and determined with everything she does... easily frustrated because she knows exactly how she wants it done. She loves to sing, read books, and play outside! Of course she LOVES horses and likes to watch Diego. She would rather do school then most any other task and she is trying to give up her naps... she really still needs a tiny one. She asks for her daddy every morning and adores her sisters! She can't wait to bring ShayleeJoy home. She needs a routine every day and only wants me to tuck her in at night. She is a complete joy to our family and we are completely blessed to have her in our life!!! I pray a special prayer today for her birth family wherever they might be, especially her birth mom... a hero to me because she gave life to my precious baby. I am deeply grateful!!! Thank you Jesus for my precious EllaKate ShuangJiang.

First image of our sweet girl... 7 months

First Birthday: Slept through the whole party
April Ella's BD party 016

Second Birthday: Easter Party
4-07 Spring Break- Ella 2 BD 116

Third Birthday: Princess Party

Fourth Birthday: Pony Party



  1. Oh that referral photo is so beautiful! I loved seeing her on each birthday!!


  2. Sharon,

    I just found this new blog. I was so perplexed by your lack of posts on the old one. I'm thrilled to back in touch. EK is so beautiful and seems to be growing more so each year. Take care.


  3. Do you still have your photography blog? I'm interested in looking into those online photography classes you had mentioned.

  4. That pony cake is A-dorable!!!! So sweet! I loved seeing all 4 years of Ella Kate's birthdays! What a sweetie!