Thursday, April 16, 2009

Amelia's Region Tournament

EK and I traveled to Oconee today for Amelia's region tennis tournament. Amelia was scheduled to play only one match this morning because she has mono, but did so well, Coach Pate asked if she felt up to the afternoon one as well. She and her doubles partner, Sarah, won both matches and when added to their team score placed 3rd in region- earning a spot at state! We all called Amelia Grandma all day because she had to sit and rest between all the points. We were all concerned she would wear herself out but did amazingly well. She is sleeping in tomorrow and hopefully will be stronger next week. We are so proud of her!!!





  1. Shay - again, GREAT pictures! The color and lighting is always so good.

    Love the Easter pics too! The girls looked so beautiful and I love EK's dress...did you make that? Now, you need to start having your picture taken too...we want to see you in some of these too! :)

    Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  2. Glad Amelia is feeling better. Great pictures of the girls!