Tuesday, March 24, 2009


When I taught K, I always kept prestapled books available for my kids to make books. EK asked today for some 'clean' paper so I decided she was ready for make-a-book. I cut two sheets of copy paper in half and stapled to make a book. I handed it to her and said, "You get to make a book today!" She was so excited and went straight to her table and got our her Rainbow Roll of course! She began drawing right away and came back beaming! I asked her to tell me about her pages. She turned to each page and told me something about them.
1. This is a H.
2. This is a D for daddy. (she had made the D into a person)
3. These are pretzels.
4. This is a house.
It was completely her creation and I praised her greatly. I wrote on each page what she said and read it back to her. She even wrote her name on the front.

This is very open ended right now but can progress in so many directions: ABC book, cut magazine pics and label, names and pics book, number book... get the picture? Each one of my kids had a "Reading Box" where all their books lived. Each day they got to get their box and read. Today EK began her box of books!!! We are happy about our new adventure here in school!



  1. catching up on your posts.... Love the bday outfit! I am amazed at your sweet EK enjoying her workbooks. Caitlyn is just not ready for sit down learning yet. I do however see her make progress, like with the sidewalk chalk? She sat for a long time coloring. Last year, not interested...Also she jsut recently began to enjoy being read to. Baby steps:) I am in nohurry I want her to do it in her own time. I have always felt they had her b day a bit off.
    Anyway, great posts:)