Friday, March 27, 2009

EllaKate Day Celebration

Today was the best of days hanging out with EK. We played, talked, laughed, and enjoyed being home. I finished up an outfit for her to wear for her special day and she played and did her school work. For the past week, she has not really napped- could she be growing out of a nap? She is almost 4 so I guess it could be time to let them go. She has stayed in her room for a quiet time and rest- that's ok with me.
EK Day 1

EK Day 2

She waited all day for everyone to come home for her celebration. Scott brought home PF Changs for dinner and the DVD Sheryl made. We ate dinner with Jason, Amy, & Max. We also had Sarah here with Amelia. Mama and Daddy came down for the dessert- all Ek asked for all day was chocolate cake- The Great Wall of Chocolate! Yum!!! We sang Happy Ella Day and she blew out candles.
EK Day 3

For EK's surprise, I took an idea from my friend Lynn and ordered both me and her a necklace with the Chinese symbol for mother and daughter. I have been wearing mine for a while and asking EK often what it means. She was so happy when I gave her one of her own tonight. I asked her what it meant and she said, "I love my mommy and daddy!"- well that is fine with me if she wants it to say that!!!

EK Day4

We all met in the family room to watch the DVD and had big tears watching it and hearing EK talk through the whole thing. Even Max watched it and grunted when he saw baby Ella. She was so happy to see herself as a baby and told us all about the day we became a forever family. It was so sweet! She and Rosie capped off the evening watching Kung Fu Panda- cute movie.

We are so blessed to have been chosen as her forever family and not one day goes by that I don't thank God for her and Savannah, Amelia, and Rosie. Thank you Jesus for such a precious gift!!!



  1. The video is precious! SB did a great job -- Love it...

  2. Thanks for having us over to share in the special day. We had a great time!