Friday, February 20, 2009

Two More Stories

As we were driving home from the beach, EK asked 1000 times if we were almost to Memommy's house. So we had to take her by there for a short visit Friday afternoon. She was able to go back last night while Scott and I were at church. She and momma took a walk outside where EK happened upon a bunch of flowers. Of course she was allowed to pick as many as she wanted and had them in a vase for me when I came to get her. I shot somes pics this morning as she admired them again. Thanks momma for making a little girl VERY happy!!!


Today Scott rushed into the family room and had EK and I look out our back window. We saw two beautiful deer grazing under a tree- calm and brave- allowing us the pleasure of watching them. EK thinks they were reindeer sent by Santa to check on her. Funny what they think right??? So sweet!



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