Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Let me tell you a story...
Savannah and Josh took a trip to Tennesee: Josh has family there. He got her tickets to a dinner cruise on the Tenn river (Friday) and Savannah bought him tickets to the Vols basketball game (Saturday). They got there mid afternoon Friday and dressed for the cruise. They sat down for dinner and Josh put out a little white box. She emailed me and said... "Look". We saw the box, I asked her what it was and that was all we heard for about 45 minutes... We finally got another email that said, "It is diamond earrings and I got a migraine and I threw up". Oh my... on a dinner cruise and sick- what a terrible time for a migraine. She did feel better but not herself until today. They have had a fun time and pray they have a safe trip home tomorrow!!!

J&S Valentines

Today we celebrate a happy day with the girls. Here are a few pictures of them opening their Valentine surprises- looks like Dora and Vera were the hit!!!

Valentine Girls

Do you see EK's reaction when she saw money??? Thanks momma- it will come in handy at the beach!!!

And we had big company today... Our sweet best friends from Atlanta, the Cains who live in Athens now came over for a visit. They have such precious kids and their son just gave his heart to Christ this week! What a great testimony to his family! I taught SE and W in school, and GA was born right before we came home from China with EK. It was great to hang out and just talk.



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