Monday, February 16, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Our first full day at the beach was wonderful! EK and I saw a beautiful sunrise, Scott and I had a great run (I thought I was gonna stroke), we played on the beach, and Marcia came!!!

Playing on the beach was fun but very cold- the wind made it so cold! EK made a sandcastle with Mill and they all chased the seagulls. Scott and EK were walking along the water's edge searching for shells when a surprise wave came in and soaked their shoes and EK's pants. It took their breath away- the big girls had already put their feet in- cold was not even the word for it. No pics of me because I was so bundled, you would have thought we were playing in the snow- I am very cold natured! Good thing Marcia and fam pulled up- we got to go in!!! :)


It was the greatest to have Marcia and her family here for the day!!! We just hung out in the condo letting the kids play and then went to a local seafood place for dinner. Afterwards we stopped at the big shark store so EK could walk through but it was closed- she was not happy. Marcia found her dream bike too :) JK! We went to a tiny, very desserted mall and walked around- the best part was Books-A-Million. We said goodbye and they headed home. We are planning to go see them tomorrow- about 2 hours away.


Eating Out

Just a GREAT pic!



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