Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Big Mess

Monday while Scott and I were in Atlanta, Rosie called to say she had heard a loud thunder and rushing water sound. We had Jeff come over to check it out and he found a gushing pipe under the house. He turned off the water and called Erico. They made the repair and within the hour, it had burst again. Monday night we had no heat and no water but was repaired Tuesday morning. They left saying all the pipes under the house were changed and hoped nothing happened inside the house.

Well... Wednesday morning EK and I were in the kitchen eating breakfast, when I heard a loud gushing sound. A pipe in the wall had burst and by the time I had stepped back to take a look into our family room, water had begun to gush from the recessed lighting onto my sofa. My first instinct was to move my furniture and then grab a bucket. It was filling fast and I called Scott hysterical!!! He told me how to shut the water off at the street. It took about 15 minutes before it stopped. My brother Jason and Erico were here in minutes to begin getting the water up and moving my furniture. The ceiling, walls, and hardwoods were ruined. My sofa sat outside all day in the sun to dry. We moved all the furniture from the family room and sunroom to the living room. We ran fans and a dehumidifier all night.


Today the workers were here bright and early to begin demolition. By 2:30, my family room looked like this.


They will let it dry out over the weekend and begin drywall on Monday. Why am I thankful? I am thankful that no one was hurt and that I was home when it happened- it could have been so much worse. Things are replaceable...

EllaKate made me laugh during the fiasco when she said...
"It is raining in my family room!"


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