Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Parade

Our town came out big Friday night for our annual Christmas Parade. Here are a few pics before we left.
Rosemary rode on a float with her cheerleading squad

and EllaKate and I walked with her dance studio- Hot Shots.

We had a fan club waiting for us about half way through the route. We really thought EK would be tired and ready to stop when we say them, BUT she was having a ball- especially throwing candy to all the little kids along the way.
She not only walked but mostly ran about the whole way. It was a very fun night, with all the chicks in the nest again and a big guy thrown in the mix. It was a GREAT weekend! Savannah finishes up exams on Tuesday so be thinking of her!!! Can't wait for her to be home for Christmas!!! I LOVE this time of year!!!

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