Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was so wonderful. We got up slowly and I prepared all the food I would be serving on Christmas Day for our family. We all got dressed and went to Anderson for lunch and a movie. No one really wanted to see a movie, except EK so we bought her one and came home. Our church had a beautiful Christmas Eve service with the Lord's Supper and candlelight. Very special for our family because we have always gone to church on Christmas Eve. We came home to make cheese toast for dinner and all the girls opened new pjs to sleep in. So cute!!!
Well if you ask my family if I like surprises or presents, they would say no... I can't stand to have a gift under the tree- the suspense is TOO much for me. It is best if I don't even know I am getting a gift OR just let me get it and start using it as soon as I buy it. So... Scott really didn't ask me what I might want or even hint he had gotten me anything. The girls actually let it slip that my present had been sent to a friend's house and after they had wrapped it, hid it from me. That is a good thing considering that one time long ago, Scott had placed a gift under our tree for me and I actually opened it while he was at work and wrapped it back up. I couldn't stand it!!! All that to say, they let me open my gift on Christmas Eve since I might need it the next day... hmmm... what would I need the next day? I got a new lens for my camera... 100mm. Sweet!!!

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