Monday, December 15, 2008

2 Funny Stories

First Story

Last night when Savannah came home- YES
she brought a bag of goodies from Ms. Barbara (Josh's mom). One thing to know about EllaKate is that she is a collector- I don't necessarily mean she collects a certain thing- she just likes to gather lots of things and organize them. When Savannah starting pulling out the little figures, EK was mesmerized!!! She sat and played with them forever- moving them around and talking to them.

Thanks Ms. Barbara!!! EllaKate loves her figures and has them in her room!!!

Second Story
Rosemary came downstairs last night to announce she had pulled a tooth- yes she is 13 and still pulling teeth. All my children have been late teeth cutters and teeth losers. Anyway, when I taught kindergarten, we always stopped whatever we were doing and sang the Happy Tooth Day song. Well I thought it would be fun for EK to sing it to Rosie, so we sang and made a big deal out of the tooth fairy coming to visit and even read a book about it. Well... big mistake. I am not kidding, EK went on and on crying and being really worried about her teeth falling out and not being able to eat. She also cried because she was scared of the tooth fairy. Finally after about an hour or more, we convinced her that her teeth would not come out while she was asleep and the tooth fairy would not come in the house- she would leave the money for Rosie outside with Fisher (our 8 year old yellow lab). Whew!!! Today nothing was said at all about the ordeal until tonight at dinner, EK asked me if Rosie had lost her tooth and I said yes and that was the end. No one added anything to the conversation and so far she has been fine. Let me just say, we will not discuss this topic for a long time!!!

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