Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Sweet Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. I was so thankful for...

Scott being home with us the whole time. He got so much done around the house. It was so wonderful to enjoy our house together during this special holiday with all the girls home!!!
Savannah being home spending time with us. She and the girls went to the movies and did a little shopping. EllaKate LOVED having another 'mom' here to give her undivided attention.
Amelia and Rosemary home from school- time to sleep in every morning and just have time to relax. One night they along with Becca slept out in the playhouse- YES... it was so COLD!!! They layed out on the trampoline for a while and saw a shooting star :). A memory to never be forgotten!
EllaKate learning what it meant to be thankful. She is thankful for all her ponies :)... every morning when she wakes up- 7:15 or so... she yells, "Is it morning now?" I always go right in to get her and this morning, she reached up and said, "Mama, I love you SO much!" It was the sweetest thing!!! I am thankful for my baby because I love her too!!!
My family!!! Being close to them is so wonderful and having Marcia and her family home was icing on the cake! Jessie came to memommy's and spent the afternoon too! It was great to be a happy family again and thankful to all be together!!!
Of course Max Thomas Martin!!!
One of the things everyone wants to do everytime we are together at mama and daddy's is build a bonfire. Samuel loves it the most. Here they are enjoying a good time!!!

We are soooooooooooo thankful for our fireplace once again.... WE HAVE NO HEAT AGAIN!!!

We have an abundance to be thankful for... many stories within this one image of thankfulness. I pray everyone has the best Thanksgiving ever!!! We sure plan to!!!

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