Thursday, September 18, 2008

Spring Break

We are so thankful to be back home tonight!!!

We left home yesterday morning on a mission to find a homecoming dress for both Amelia and Rosemary. Bingo!!! We looked at 3 places and found a purple one for A and pink for R- they look beautiful in them! Lunch was shared with Sheryl, Linzi, and Ally- we loved seeing them!!! We picked Scott up at work about 4 and headed to Buckhead for the night. We checked into our hotel and went to Maggiano's for dinner- my favorite place- so delicious!!!

WELL, imagine our surprise when we got back out to our car and found a BOOT on our tire!!! Supposedly the boot guy saw a lady walk away from our car and cross over to another premises- according to him, that isn't allowed- so he booted the car. We called him and he came right away, asking where we had been. We said Maggiano's and showed him our receipt. He immediately began apologizing that he had made a mistake and said, "No charge"... oh no kidding??? How crazy was that???

We took the girls to Lenox for a little while and then to Cheesecake Factory for dessert. I think we made it back to the hotel about 10, watched Jon & Kate + 8 marathon, and fell asleep. This morning we were up by 8 and ate breakfast @ the Flying Biscuit- so yummy- have you ever had Organic Oatmeal Pancakes?- extra yummy!!! Then to the GA Aquarium!!!

This was Scott's, mine, and EllaKate's first visit to the aquarium. EllaKate was amazed when we first walked in. We especially loved the walk through tunnel and the beluga whale exhibit. We also watched a really cool 3D movie about taking care of the ocean. Do you see the bottom middle picture? EllaKate is pointing to the fish she wants to take home :).

We crossed the street and played in Centennial Park for a while. We were starving and decided to make a stop @ Atlantic Station for a visit. We ate @ Fox Sports Grill, walked around the whole area (loved Target!), and ended the day with a Coldstone ice cream!!! EllaKate gave it up and we made our way home.

It was a GREAT 2 days but we are so glad to be home washing clothes, sleeping in our own beds, and able to sleep in tomorrow morning. Scott is staying home and I think we may take our boat out for one last day before we winterize it. We are looking forward to a great weekend!!!

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