Friday, August 29, 2008


This morning I was getting ready to go for our walk and noticed EllaKate sitting at the door waiting on me with a stack of books. I stopped to watch her and was thrilled to hear her 'reading' a book we have read together so many times. This time she was reading it all by herself! I asked her if she would let me video her. She LOVED watching herself when I loaded it onto my computer. For all you kindergarten teachers out there, this is what I noticed her doing:
*Knows the front of the book from the back
*Knows to read the title first
*Knows to begin reading on first page and continue one page at a time
*Self corrects when she realizes she made a mistake
*Enjoys reading
*Waits for approval from her teacher (mom)
I'd say she has some pretty important reading strategies already in her grasp! I love sitting with her each day doing school, but this was all on her own and I am so proud of her!!!

ps. I know she is reading memorized text but this is a child's first way of reading. :)

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