Sunday, June 29, 2008

House Update

I began making trips to the house Friday with boxes I had packed inside and then moved to the little barn behind our house to move boxes that were in storage. Amelia came home around lunch time and she began helping me as well. Savannah was working and Rosemary allowed EllaKate to take a nap. I borrowed my daddy's truck and we moved about 12 loads. We were so tired when we finished but had that good accomplished feeling. We have also moved Savannah into the guest house this weekend. I will take a picture of her place when I go there today.

The house is coming along. The garages and the guest house are finished except for lighting. The hardwoods are done except for the last coat of poly and they will do that right before we move in. They finished painting all the ceilings on Friday and all the trim upstairs. I have seen some samples of my wall color painted on the walls and it is very exciting and scary- hope it turns out great:-). Carpet is supposed to go in on Wednesday but not sure the painting will be complete- we will see. It is just a day to day wait. I wake up and pray God will help me to "Be" just in today. I sometimes get caught up in the yesterday or what will be tomorrow and forget all I get is today so I better live today and let tomorrow come when it comes. BIG WORDS... right???

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