Monday, May 19, 2008

A Wonderful Recital

Scott, the girls, Memommy and I all enjoyed a beautiful Hot Shots recital Saturday. Rosemary performed a cheer and dance as well as two baton routines. EllaKate performed a ballet and tumbling routine. We all sat mesmerized by the preciousness of the little ones- everyone practically gasped when they walked out on the stage. At the first performance, EllaKate just stood there during ballet and didn't move. At the second one, she actually watched the teachers and did a few moves. Rosemary did great at both shows. Just like Amelia, this was Rosemary's first year in cheerleading and baton. We were amazed at all she has accomplished!!! Now they are begging me to put her in dance- ballet and jazz- they say she has strength and grace. Well... that is her middle name: Rosemary Grace Ankerich. So it looks like we will have a full schedule again next year! Sure glad Amelia will be driving!!!

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