Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weekend Recap

Ok... I can't wait until Friday to post so I am doing it when the girls are at school and not when they are home from school- not that I ever do -there is NO time! Today Amelia has a tennis meeting and Rosemary has her first cheerleading practice, then Rosemary has to go to Hot Shots @ 6- non-stop but I LOVE it!!!

On Saturday Scott and I ran the Lake Hartwell Dam Run with Jeff. It was the best run ever- so organized and the weather was perfect. The best part- we were home by 10am to hang with the girls. Next year, we plan to have all the girls run with us. If you are a runner, we would love for you to come up and run with us too- a big running party...

Sunday was our first day out on the lake! The marina had gotten the boat ready for the summer last week so we called down and had them put it in the water. We were pleasantly surprised that the lake was up with really no low spots. The girls all got in- even EllaKate. It was a very relaxing afternoon. We look forward to many more days on our boat.

Oh... and I am living vicariously right now through Savannah who is away with her best friends from college for a beach week. This is a picture she sent me today of the view!!! Breathtaking!!!

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