Monday, April 28, 2008

Savannah is Home

Yes, Savannah is home for the summer, although she leaves Saturday for a week @ the beach... oh the life of a college student. She and a group of her friends are headed to Florida before they officially begin their time @ home. I remember the transition of being away at school on my own and coming home for the summer... big adjustment. Savannah says this is going to be the best summer ever- I think so too!

She and Scott were in Atlanta yesterday for Amelia's tennis team finals. They were playing Riverwood HS is the second rounds of state playoffs. Riverwood was phenomenal and won all of the matches. Amelia and Sarah gave them the best run for their money on the team... 6-1, 6-3. Even though we didn't come away with the win, we are still sooooooooooo proud of our Lady Bulldogs!!! Amelia had an awesome first year of tennis and plans to go to a couple of camps this summer. Oh, and she drove home on the interstate from Atlanta... she gets her license in July!

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