Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Saturday Morning Ritual/Match Day

Every Saturday morning, Scott goes to our little Donuts on Depot shop to get bagels and donuts. EllaKate always asks if she can have a pink one. It is her favorite!!! I decided to shoot pictures today so I could scrapbook a page for her album.

Two years ago today we layed eyes on the most precious little face in the world. We all knew we were getting the call so we all stayed home from work and school. We waited all morning and finally about 11:30, Scott called CCAI and they were just about to call us. We hung up and waited a little longer. Unbeknown to us, Dick Deitz, GA director of CCAI was in Denver for match calls and was given the privilege of calling us.

The phone rang and I was shaking like a leaf. He began to talk and I wrote furiously every single word he verbalized. He told us her name and I kept making him say it over and over and over- the name I had longed to hear for so long: Qian Shuang Jiang, in Chongqing, China, 9 months old. We would be getting a picture via email in a little while of when she was 7 months old. I could barely wait!!! At one time, Dick had to take a moment to collect himself because he was so emotional- can't even describe in words how we felt- if you have adopted, YOU KNOW!!!!! We asked many questions and Dick said he would send us a picture when we hung up.

The time waiting for the picture was eternal... All of a sudden, a picture began to form from top to bottom of the most precious baby in the world. We all gasped and our breaths were snatched away. We all had tremendous tears running down our faces. I was in love... and barely able to wait to show the world... and wait to travel to China to get the fifth part of my heart that I had given away that day... Thank you Jesus for one of the most precious gifts in my life. Blessed beyond belief? I definitely know so!!!

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