Monday, December 3, 2007

My sister-in-law, Susan came over this morning to borrow a few things for a party she is having tonight and Ella was waiting for her at the door. EllaKate had already asked me to put her hair in pig tails today but she wanted to keep on her pjs. Susan thought she was adorable and hoped I would take some pictures. Well I did and here they are. EllaKate has become quite attached to her babies lately and here she is holding one of them. I think Santa may be bringing her a new one with all the extras a baby needs! Also, when we bought EllaKate the slippers you see in the pics, she named them Cutie and Darlin'. She calls her baby Shaylee for the little sister she is waiting for and talks about all the time!!! We are hoping our good friends the Randalls will receive their referral VERY soon!!!

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