Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

The girls were so excited when they went to bed on Christmas Eve, so I thought they would be up so early. They finally woke up about 7:30 and we had to wake EllaKate up to go see what Santa brought. You might already know, EllaKate sleeps with Scott and I most every night and on Christmas morning she stood up in our bed and looked out the window because there was a light shining in. She pulled back the blind and said, "Look, some lights and a porch!" Well, she went straight to the sunroom to see her playhouse. We let her go out and see it before going into the living room. Then, we went to see all the other surprises waiting for everyone. I snapped pictures and Scott videoed. The girls loved all they got but loved watching EllaKate most of all. She was precious when she walked in to see all the presents. She let out a sigh and said, "Oh my, look at all the presents!" We were all blessed beyond belief, especially Scott and I as we sat and watched our most precious gifts of all, our daughters, open their gifts with such excitement. I agree with EllaKate- I Love Christmas!!!

The great thing about living here in Hartwell is we are close to everyone. My sister and brother and families were home for Christmas and Christmas morning found their families at mama and daddy's. Santa came there for Becca and Samuel. We talked to Marcia and she said they would all come down to our house to have Christmas morning breakfast- how GREAT was that!!! While the kids played with all their new stuff, the adults made breakfast- we all enjoyed sausage casserole and pancakes. Scott's sister and brother stopped by during the morning too to see what Santa left for the girls. It was a really great morning!!!

We decided to break tradition of turkey and dressing this year and grill steaks- yum!!! Our lunch was delicious! Scott grilled the best steaks and Chris made the best mashed potatoes!!! We also celebrated Jesus' birthday with a coconut cake. The kids could barely wait to open presents. We actually had to let EllaKate open one before lunch because she couldn't understand why we had to wait. She opened her train and loved it. The other girls got wallets to match their purses. It was a great time!!!

We went to Susan and Tony's for Christmas night dinner. We enjoyed a wonderful meal and great family time. The girls got gift certificates to get their nails done so we will be doing that next week!

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