Monday, August 13, 2007

Rosie's 12th Birthday

How I wish I had scanner so I could show you pics of Rosemary as a baby (as a matter of fact, I may just get one). She was born Sunday, August 13, 1995 @ 2:23pm @ Gwinnett Medical Center. We had decided on Rosemary for her first name but didn't have a middle name so because she was born on Sunday, we named her Grace. Rosemary Grace Ankerich weighed 6.8 and was 181/2 inches long. What a precious baby!

Rosie is having her friend birthday party this coming Friday for the debut of High School Musical. We had our families over yesterday to celebrate family style. My SIL Susan made Rosie a red velvet cake because it is her favorite! It was delicious!!! Scott made homemade ice cream and we really enjoyed having everyone here- since we live here now:-).

After the party, Scott had the boat put in and we took the girls to the lake! Some friends of ours, Don and Donna Jones wanted the girls to be in their ad for the football program, so I bought them Hart Co shirts and we made pics on the boat. They turned out great and then we let the girls tube. EllaKate has always been so afraid to get in the water, but she got in with Scott and LOVED it. We stayed out until sundown, and made some beautiful pictures. God showed out for us last night!!!

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