Monday, July 23, 2007

A Great Weekend/ SMW

On Saturday we cut grass, moved some things in storage down to our house, and organized the shop behind our house. A very productive day!!! Sunday we went to Atlanta to let Rosemary sing at our church, FBC Duluth. Every summer our church has kids come for a week long camp 9-3 called Summer Music Workshop. They learn an entire musical and perform it on Sunday evening. Yesterday morning was a sneak preview. Rosemary was a part of the cast as Page Turner. We were excited to hear the whole thing!

During the afternoon, we ate lunch, ran some errands, and went by to visit with Jason and Amy. They had just gotten a really cute boxer puppy named Tiger. The girls loved playing with him. EllaKate really didn't know what to think. He is pretty small compared to big Fisher.

Then we headed to the performance so Rosemary could have a mic check and have her hair and make-up done. When we saw her walk out on the stage, we couldn't believe it was her- she looked so mature..... and then she began her lines for the musical and we really couldn't believe it. How did she learn all that? It was truly amazing!!! We were so proud of her and all the kids. The musical had such a great message of God's great love for us and the sacrifice Jesus made for us to be His children. We will miss all the wonderful things that go with FBC Duluth, but look forward to what God has in store for us here in Hartwell.

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