Wednesday, July 25, 2007


amazes me everyday! I wish I would finally learn to write down every little thing she says and does. She is speaking in 4-5 word sentences. "I want Mamama to come." "Aunt Susan give it to me." "Dada work on airplane." One day while getting out of the car to come in for lunch I asked her what she wanted to eat. She said, "I want gwaps. I love gwaps." She says she loves or likes things all the time. Do you sometimes marvel at the thought of how much babies and toddlers learn over a period of time?

She knows everything we talk about even when she doesn't seem to be listening. One day while I was scrapbooking, I gave her some pictures to sit and look at. Some of the pics from China were in the pile. I really wasn't paying attention to what she was doing until I heard the word Chongqing. I looked down at the picture she was holding and sure enough, she was looking at some buildings in Chongqing, her city in China. I was awestruck!!! I held the picture and asked her again to tell me about it and she said Chongqing again. And every time since then when we show someone the picture she says the same thing. The amazing part is that to my knowledge no one has told her about that picture- a fascinating thought!!!

She is completely in love with our new house. We have a sunroom on the back of the house that is completely windows floor to ceiling. It is almost like being outside. We placed shelves around the back of our furniture near the windows and I think she really loves playing back there. She seems to be so settled and secure. We really think she has come out so much since the move. Maybe the one level makes a difference that we didn't really realize. The smallness of the house keeps us all in pretty close proximity.

After 16 months home, she is finally sleeping in her bed most of the night. She is still drinking a sippy cup of milk morning, mid-afternoon, and night. I think it is mostly a comfort thing. I am completely ok with that for now. I guess all I can say is... Blessed Beyond Belief!

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