Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

I think Mother's Day becomes more precious each year. What is it? Maturity? Growing children? Memories? Blessings? A little of all those things. Being a mom to my girls is such a priviledge. I was brought to tears Sunday as I read each card and looked at each daughter indiviually. What amazing girls they have become. God is so great! It is all His work I see in them. They are loving, caring, generous, kind, hardworking, beautiful inside and out. I read a great quote from an article written by a mom who had adopted a sick daughter from China. She wrote, "It's tempting to think that our decision was validated by the fact that everything turned out O.K. But for me that's not the point. Our decision was right because she was our daughter and we loved her. We would not have chosen the burdens we anticiapted, and in fact we declared upfront our inability to handle such burdens. But we are stronger than we thought." I am thankful for my healthy children, and I am thankful for my two that went to heaven instead of living with us. God knew best and loves them way more than I do. I am who I am as a mom because of each one of my children. One is not more important than the other. Each one is unique because of the fingerprint God placed on them when He formed them inside of me and chose her from all the babies in China. I am so thankful to be a mom, and most thankful for my precious mama, who above all taught me how to love!!! Thanks Mama!!! Happy Mother's Day to all!!!

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