Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Adoption Connection

As you all know, our I-797 came in 8 days, so that put me into document mode once again. I went downtown with a friend(story coming) today to have documents certified, and then we mailed everything to Houston!!! We should have it all back in a week and a half, and then we will be off to CCAI to hand deliver our dossiers.

My Friend Beth
Beth Hendry has been my friend for nine years and has taught Savannah, Amelia, and Rosemary in 5th grade. At the beginning of the year, Rosemary came home to tell me Mrs. Hendry had called her out on the porch to tell her she and Mr. Hendry had decided to adopt a daughter from China. Well, Rosemary was thrilled! Beth has two sons, Jake-9th grade and Beau-7th grade.I immediately called Beth to get the story. There was a little girl in their church from China that Jeff had fallen in love with. Of course, Beth had watched our journey and together they felt God's call on their life. Beth began the paperwork right away, and later on decided it might not be the right time. I think right around Christmas, Jeff decided they had to follow the call so they began working on the adoption once again. This whole time we laughingly joked that it would be so great if we could go to China together. Well.... as you know, Scott surprised me with the ok for us to go back, so began our paperchase. Beth was way ahead of us and I never even thought there would be a chance that we could be on the same timeline. Well..... two days before we got out I-797, Beth and Jeff got theirs putting us right together. She took a personal day today so we could get all our documents ready to mail to Houston. We left this morning around 9:30, went downtown, and returned home around 3:30- a day of work that brings us closer to ShayleeGrace Ankerich and Abby Elizabeth Hendry!!! Thank You Jesus!!!

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