Saturday, February 3, 2007

42nd Birthday

Birthdays get sweeter as time passes I think. I can't believe I am 42 because I don't really feel any older. I think Scott and the girls keep me young! Because we were going to have such a busy weekend, we went out to dinner for my birthday on Thursday evening. It was a lovely meal and when we returned home, Scott gave me a gift with a card. The box was long and wrapped beautifully. I opened it and showed the girls first- they gasped! Inside was a gorgeous diamond tennis bracelet, something he had always wanted to give me and now seemed to be the perfect time because...

Scott asked me to read the card out loud. In it he wrote that just as the diamonds in the bracelet are all different, so are the gifts each one of us have to give to others. And.... if in my heart I still felt like we were to adopt another precious daughter, then he said, "Let's do it!!!!!". The girls and I were amazed. I was sobbing and EllaKate crawled up in my lap to hug me because I don't think she has really ever seen me cry. I have waited for God to speak to Scott about going back to China. As some of you may know, I had long ago filled out the application to CCAI, so I just pulled it right out of the drawer and we signed. I mailed it off today with a couple other paperwork items. Thus begins the GREAT PAPER CHASE!!! We don't expect to get her for @ least 2 and a half years..... I know what many people will wonder..... How can you wait that long? God will make a way. After all, He was in control of EllaKate ShuangJiang Ankerich and isn't she just the perfect baby for us???

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