Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Big News

Big news.... During the holidays starting around Thanksgiving, Scott and I (without each other knowing) had been thinking a lot about our hometown of Hartwell. With the passing of Mrs. Ankerich in November, I made a statement one day that I wanted to go home. That was all it took to get us seriously praying, and before we knew it, we had told our families. They were elated but a little shocked and surprised. The girls have always loved Hartwell, especially the farm where I grew up. They LOVE riding their four wheeler.

Well, after much prayer and conversation, we have decided to move probably the beginning of June. We will be putting our HM home on the market in March, unless you know someone looking for a wonderful house and we can hook them up. Scott is offering a thousand dollars to anyone who sends us a buyer. Any takers??? We decided that instead of buying or building a house as soon as we move, we would renovate Scott's mom and dad's house to live in for a year and a half. That will give us all time to make sure we made the right choice. We have been up to work on the house the past few weekends. Jeff Lopes and family have been up to help us. He and Scott actually cut out some of my cabinets to make room for a new stove. We are redoing the bathrooms, painting the ceilings and walls, buffing the hardwood floors, putting down new flooring in kitchen and bathrooms, and carpet in family room and sunroom. We are really excited about the move but sad to be leaving such a precious part of our lives. We will certainly miss all our wonderful friends made through the years.

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