Saturday, November 4, 2006

Reflection Entry, JR Beta Club, and Field Trip

On Saturday, we all took Rosie to the Hudgen's Art Center to see her reflections's entry. The theme was My Favorite Place.... Rosie drew a picture of herself in bed dreaming of being in Paris, France. We were so proud of her! Click on this picture to see all the girls together.

On Monday evening we took Rosemary to her Jr. Beta Club Induction Ceremony. She was chosen for this honor because of her academic success and leadership skills. We were so proud of her. Here she is with her Math teacher, Mr. Furr who is the staff sponser of the club. Jules and Leah are two of Tosemary's best friends!!! They were all happy to share this wonderful evening together, especially since they didn't have to go to school the next day!!!

On Wednesday, Rosie went on a field trip with her focus class to
Dahlonega for a snake exhibit, lunch at The Smith House, a scavenger
hunt around town, and a tour of a goldmine where she panned for
gold. While on the tour, the guide turned off the lights and really scared them, especially since they saw bats hanging from the top of the cave. Scott went with her and they really enjoyed their time together.

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