Friday, October 13, 2006

SW Visit

After an adoptive family has been home for 6 months, they are visited by their social worker for a homestudy update report. Our social worker, Heather Collingwood came out for our visit yesterday afternoon. It was a great visit. She is so nice and easy to be around. She went up and took a look at the girls' rooms, especially to see where EllaKate is sleeping now. Heather asked many questions about our family life now with EllaKate as well as ones about Ella's development. She was amazed at the clarity with which Ella speaks. We certainly think she speaks well, but we are here with her everyday and understand most all she says. We had to give her some updated photos for the report too. Heather took time to look at the albums we have created from our China trip as well as our 2006 family book and EllaKate's baby book. The report will be written and sent to China so CCAA and the orphanage can see EllaKate's new family. Heather will be out for our final visit at the one year mark; right around Ella's second birthday.

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