Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Court Readoption For EK

Yesterday we went to court and met with Judge Jackson to have our official papers signed. We were taken to the courtroom first, which the girls thought was so cool and answered many questions. He asked us to fill out a part of the paperwork that he was to sign. He asked us to come back to his chambers when we were finished. We were taken back there by his assistant and the sheriff. His chambers were very beautiful.

We sat a big table while Judge Jackson looked over our paperwork. He signed it and told us our adoption was approved. He sat and talked to the girls about lots of things and that made them feel very special. Both the judge and the sheriff teased them about not being in school. Judge Jackson asked if we would like to take some pictures and we were so excited. He suggested we stand in front of the bookcases. EllaKate even let him hold her in a few of them. We now have Ella again, as if all the things we did in China were not enough. We are her official forever family and will be receiving her Georgia Birth Certificate very soon. On the way home, the girls talked about all the amazing experiences we had had together as a family over the past two years. If it is God's will for our family, we sure pray we can start over and live it all again!!!

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