Sunday, September 17, 2006

EK 17 Months Old

We can't believe our baby is 17 months old. Time is flying by!!! She has cut 2 molars and 1 eye tooth over the past two weeks. She is still working on the other 2 molars. We are on our way to church this past Sunday in this picture. EllaKate has on her new Sunday shoes. She really likes how shiny they look. We also got her the cutest pair of tennis shoes- brown and pink. She always wants her shoes on when we are going some where.

I think I have told you how amazed I was that the Sunday School teachers sat EllaKate and her little friends in little tiny chairs at a table to eat a snack the first morning we took her. Well.... this past Sunday was no different. As soon as I took EK in, she began to cry and hold onto me tight!!! They peeled her off of me, and I walked out to watch her through the window. The teachers immediately sat her at the table with some crackers. EK stopped crying, and I went to SS. When I came back to pick her up, Ms. Sara told me she was sitting on the floor playing with the other children when she looked over and saw EK fall out of her little chair. Ms. Sara rushed over to realize EK had fallen asleep in the chair causing her to fall to the floor. The teachers scooped her up and EK was asleep again before they could sit down in the rocker with her. Well... I told Scott it took a lot of courage for the teachers to tell me that story, but it took even more for me to hear it and want to take her back. She did go back Sunday night without incident I am happy to report. She didn't even cry that much when they took her from me to go play. What a precious baby!!!

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