Wednesday, September 27, 2006

6 Months Home

EllaKate ShuangJiang Ankerich has had a forever family for six months today! We are so amazed at how much she has learned and changed over the months. She is precious and adorable!!!

by Cathy Lopes

Our little china doll, over a year we have had to wait,
to finally hold in our arms, our precious EllaKate.

It's amazing how far away love can grow,
for a little girl we didn't even know.

This desire, where did it come from, how did it start?
For we loved you before the first beat of your heart.

The miles did not seem to matter, when it comes to God's plan,
He kept you safe until we got there, in the palm of His hand.

From the orphanage in China to the United States,
an exciting new life for you awaits!

Our features may be different, and that is ok,
for it is God's will, He wanted it that way.

Welcome home EllaKate ,there are so many people to meet,
for we want everyone to know the little girl
That has make The Ankerich family complete!!!

We have truely been blessed by this precious little girl! Thank you Jesus for Your blessed plan for our lives!!!

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