Thursday, June 8, 2006

EK Goes to the Doctor

Ella Kate went to the doctor today for her second round of shots. She knew exactly where we were. As soon as the nurse came in, she was upset, especially when we laid her down on the black table. Dr. Morgan checked her ears for infection, but they were clear. She thinks Ella is picking up germs that she can't fight off and gets a cold. She put her on a mantainance med - we hope it helps her nose stay clear. Ella also had to get 5 shots. Two in one leg, one in the other, and one in each arm. Needless to say, she sceamed. Amelia and Rosemary went for checkups as well, and each had to get blood work and shots. They were real troopers and helped sooooooooooooooooo much with Ella!!! It has always been tradition to go to the toy store after shots so off we went. Ella and Rosie found a treat, and Amelia wants to go to the mall for a shirt. I guess that is fair. We are all glad this day is coming to an end. We are off to the pool for a little swim before bed.

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