Sunday, May 7, 2006

Mama Ankerich's Birthday

We went to Hartwell today to see MaMa Ankerich for her birthday. She woke up sick today and was not feeling well, but we still wanted to go see her. We are very happy we did. Ella Kate loved seeing her grandmother, Scott's mom. She was very sick when we went to China, so we are very thankful that she is doing so well. Aunt Susan and Uncle Tony were there too. We were also able to see Memommy as well. It was so funny to watch Ella Kate look at my mom and then look at me, as if she was seeing the similarities in the two of us. When we got home, Kaylee and Abby Herrin, both Chinese girls, came over to visit Ella Kate. Ella Kate thought they were great! We had a terrific day!!!

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