Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Playing in the Yard

Yesterday, Ella Kate and I went to do a little shopping. Scott had said Ella needed a hat to wear when I took her walking so the sun wouldn't be in her eyes. We found this Atlanta Braves hat. Ella Kate does not like to have anything on her head. You know the hooded baby towels? Well, she won't let me put the hood on her. She didn't like the hat either, but she let us take a few pictures with it on. I plan to put it on her in the stroller once she is asleep. She takes a nap everyday when we are out for a walk.

After the shopping trip, we went to a party at Scott's office, Scientific Atlanta. They celebrated the adoption of Ella Kate with cake. We enjoyed talking to everyone. They gifted us with a very generous gift certificate to Babies R Us. We appreciate their kindness so much!!!

Playing in the Yard

The girls had fun playing in the yard with Walkie Talkies. They were playing hide-and-seek with some friends. Amelia hid in the garage and Rosie hid in the tree beside the garage. Scott grilled steaks for dinner, and we all sat down for a wonderful dinner as a family. This was one of the rare nights we are all home and nowhere to go.o.

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