Monday, April 10, 2006

Homeward Bound

Well, you probably thought we were never going to blog again, but we have been so busy and tired. I really never knew what jet lag was about but now I do. We had a very challenging trip home. We arrived in Hong Kong on the train and checked in to the hotel. We were up and out to the airport by 6:00am. Our flight was on time and we departed on time. About one hour into the flight, an engine blew and we were forced to turn back for Hong Kong. After three hours of a layover and an airline change, we left for the US bound for LAX. Our flight was about 12 hours. Ella Kate had a difficult flight. None of us were able to sleep any. When we arrived in LA, we found out all flights out were booked, and we could only get home by separating into two different flights. Savannah, Ella Kate, and I were going to fly straight to Atlanta; Scott, Amelia, and Rosemary were to fly through Florida and then to Atlanta. After three hours of talking, Scott was able to get us booked with Delta, all on one flight, and we would leave at 1:30am and land around 5:30 Friday morning. We were greeted at the airport by the limo once again, and made it home about 6:20am Friday (Ella Kate's BD!!!) We worked very hard to stay awake all day. We enjoyed having company and celebrating a great day!!! We are so thankful to be home!!!

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