Tuesday, April 25, 2006

EK's Shots

Today we went to Dr. Morgan's for Ella Kate's well appointment. We knew we would probably redo her immunizations, but we were in for more than we bargined for. Dr. Morgan wanted to take blood so she could run tests for HIV and Hepatitis B. It took 4 people (me, Scott, Dr. Morgan, and a nurse) to keep her still, and three different spots to find blood. Dr. Morgan said Ella Kate was definitely the strongest of the Ankerich girls. We will get results in about 2 days. After that big ordeal, Ella was asleep, but we still had to get the shots. The nurse came in and gave Ella 4 shots, 2 in one leg and 2 in the other. She cried of course again but was asleep as soon as I held her again. She slept for about 2 hours and woke up happy! She was glad to be back home with Mama and her sisters. The only question she had was, "Where is my Daddy???" Have a great day!!!

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