Sunday, January 8, 2006

EK~ 10 Months Old Yesterday

Ella Kate was 10 Months old yesterday!

Happy 10 month BD to Ella,
Happy 10 month BD to Ella,
Happy 10 Month BD dear daughter!!!!
Happy 10 month BD to Ella!!!!

We are hoping Ella Kate received her package to celebrate this great day!!!

A Friend of a Friend

Cathie Zinn is a friend of mine that lives in Bishop, Ga. near Athens. She has two very precious Chinese daughters as well as 3 wonderful biological children. She has a very good friend from church, Pat, who is in China right now adopting her daughter. The cool part of this is Pat is in the same province as Ella Kate but not the same orphanage although it is still very cool to watch her trip!!! I am posting her webshot site so if you want, you can bookmark Pat's site on your favorites list and check for new pictures each day. You know I will be!!! Still no word on our travel plans, but hope to hear soon!!!

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